Types of Garage Door Spring in Edmonton

Looking for information on the different types of garage door springs in Edmonton? Learn about torsion springs, extension springs, and their various uses in this informative article by AAA Garage Door Services Edmonton. Discover the different types of torsion springs, from standard and steel rolling to the Torque Master and Early Set springs, and find out why garage door springs typically break due to wear and tear, rust, and poor maintenance. Plus, get expert advice on why it’s essential to trust a professional for your garage door spring repair or replacement needs, and how they can ensure your door is well-balanced and functioning smoothly

A spring may sound simple, but it plays a massive part in the overall performance of your door. There are different types of garage door springs in Edmonton, and each has its purpose.

If you want your door to function smoothly, ensure that the spring is always in good condition. Book a schedule with AAA Garage Door Services Edmonton to know if your spring needs a repair or replacement.

What Are The Different Types Of Garage Door Springs?

Below is the difference between each spring and their role for the garage door. But garage door springs are generally classified as torsion springs and extension springs.


Torsion Springs

The location of the torsion springs is on the metal shaft on top of the garage door opening. Once installed, you will position the springs on aluminum cable drums on every side of the post. The number of springs installed will merely depend on the garage door size. Usually, it will take around one to four spring installations, but you have to know the total weight of your door to get the correct estimate.

Compared with extension springs, the torsion spring releases an equal force through the shaft before transporting it to the cable drums. Because of this, garage door cables rotate each time the garage door opens or closes.


Standard Garage Door Torsion Spring

It is a type of spring usually used for residential garage doors found on the center top of the door’s opening. A standard garage door torsion spring is seen in the center and sustains the spring in the metal shaft.


Steel Rolling Garage Door Torsion Spring

Unlike standard torsion springs, a steel rolling garage door torsion spring is for commercial buildings. It is usually built with the torsion barrel assisting the rolling door.


Torque Master Garage Door Torsion Spring

The Torque Master Garage Door Torsion Spring is known to be the safest of all kinds of torsion springs because they are sealed within the torsion spring shaft and established by a cone on each end of the torsion winding rod.


Early Set Garage Door Torsion Spring

An Early Set Door Torsion Spring is in the middle portion of the garage door torsion shaft. You will need special hardware to install this spring on each end of the shaft next to the cable drums.


Common Reasons Why Garage Door Springs in Edmonton Break

Since we already identified the differences between each garage door spring, here are some common reasons why they usually break.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is the most common reason why a spring is damaged. Because most of the designed garage door spring is to withstand around 10,000 cycles, one cycle equals one opening and one closing of the door.

Ten thousand cycles sound a lot, but you really cannot monitor how many processes your garage door does, especially on how often you open or shut the door since garage doors have a lot of purposes like whenever we need to go to work, school, the grocery store, or when we need to do some errands outside.

You may not notice, but you may use it more if you use your garage door as the primary access to your house instead of using your main door.


Since steel is what makes garage doors, rust can’t be avoided, mainly because of the changing weather conditions. Developing rust will affect your spring and shorten your garage door’s life. To prevent this, you can apply or spray silicone-based lubricant at least three or four times a year to keep it well-maintained and extend its existence.

 Poor Maintenance

In reality, no matter how much you take good care of your garage door, some parts will fail sooner or later. But with proper maintenance, it can extend the life expectancy of your garage door, so you can conveniently use it for many years. A well-maintained garage door is much better than a no maintenance at all.


Why You Need A Professional For A Garage Door Spring Repair In Edmonton

If you want your door to function smoothly all the time, let a professional manage your garage door spring repair in Edmonton. Since springs have a significant role in counterbalancing the weight of your garage, it needs to always be in good condition to avoid substantial problems in the future.

A skilled technician can:

  • Obtain the right tools and equipment to ensure successful repair or replacement
  • Can safely install springs
  • Ensure that the door is well-balanced.
  • Can correctly wind torsion springs to avoid future problems.

Call AAA Garage Door Services Edmonton For  Garage Door Spring Repair In Edmonton

Installing, repairing, or replacing a garage door spring in Edmonton is complex, and professionals do not recommend doing a DIY project for homeowners.

To ensure that your garage door spring is secure, contact AAA Garage Door Services Edmonton now.

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