High-Quality Garage Door Weather Stripping In Edmonton

Edmonton Garage Door Weather Stripping

AAA Garage Door Services Edmonton understands the importance of getting your garage weatherproof.
Whether it’s the coming winter, the thawing ice water, or just loose debris flying around your garage.

We offer weather insulation services such as bottom weather stripping, and side weather stripping from the best materials there is, vinyl or steel. Whatever is the best solution for your garage door.

We train our team on all types of garage door brands and models and can repair or replace all types of garage doors weatherstrips.

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Protect your garage door from all types of weather.

Your garage door weather strip’s main job is to seal your garage door to the outside world – whether it’s debris, rodents, or the weather.

Our team is experienced in installing all types of garage door weather stripping, bottom rubber seal, side vinyl or steel weather strip 

Garage Door Weatherstrip - What We Offer

  • Bottom Rubber Seal
  • Threshold seal
  • Garage Door Stop Weatherstripping
  • Vinyl Weatherstripping
  • Steel Weather Stripping
  • Garage Door Weather Stripping Maintenance

We Offer Garage Door Weatherstripping Services in the Great Edmonton Area.

People living in the following area’s can contact us:

  • West Edmonton
  • East Edmonton
  • South Edmonton
  • North Edmonton
  • Strathcona County
  • St. Albert
  • Sherwood Park
  • Leduc
  • Spruce Grove
  • Stony Plain
  • Fort Saskatchewan
  • Beaumont
  • Namao
  • Edmonton International Airport

If you’re inside or outside of Edmonton you can still give us a call, our technicians are all around the Edmonton area helping homeowners like you with their garage door weather stripping.

Everything You Needed To Know About Garage Door Weatherstripping.

In order to DIY a garage door weather stripping installation it’s best to follow these steps:

  1. Measure the perimeter of the door to determine the amount of weather stripping needed.
  2. Clean the door frame to ensure proper adhesion.
    Cut the weather stripping to the appropriate length.
  3. Use metal nails or screws that will hold the strip in place and screw them in.


When installing a agarage door weather strip it’s best to call a professional, at AAA Garage Door Services Edmonton we have a team that installs weather stripping in the Edmonton area all year round, give us a call at 780-224-6266.

If you’re looking to repair your garage door weather stripping and you are located in Edmonton and the area, you can try to DIY the repair on your own, first you should clean the weather stripping with a non abrasive material, after that make sure to check the area’s that looks damaged.
Once you identify the damaged parts of your insulation cut them and make sure to cut a new piece in the same size that you can fit instead of the damaged piece.

** In some cases it will be recommended to replace the whole insulation strip as replacing small sections of it will damage the door insulation, for a better result it is always recommended to contact a professional garage door repair company Edmonton.

The cost to replace garage door weatherstripping can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the garage door, the type of weatherstripping used, and the cost of labor. On average, the cost for materials alone can range from $5 to $20 per linear foot plus labor fees.

It is always recommended to get a professional garage door technician to come out and inspect your door, that way you would know if you have to replace all of the stripping around your door or just small sections.

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