A DIY Guide on How To Fix Garage Door Cable

If you’re having problems with your garage door cable, you may need the help of a professional. The cable is an important part of your garage door system, working with the springs to counterbalance the door’s weight. In this article, we’ll discuss what a garage door cable is and its purpose, why it might break, and how to fix it. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide for replacing the cable, which can be a DIY project if you have the necessary tools and knowledge. To ensure a successful repair, it’s always recommended to call a reliable specialist

How To Fix Garage Door Cable

A garage door has a lot of moving parts. One of them is the cable. Fixing a garage door cable might require a professional to do it successfully. Since this part plays an essential role in the overall function of your garage door, you might want a skilled technician to help you when you encounter a problem.

Cables work with the spring to counterbalance the door’s weight when it opens and closes. There are a lot of issues why it becomes broken or damaged.

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What Is A Garage Door Cable And Its Purpose

Cables are on every side of the garage door and work together with tension and extension springs to open and close your door smoothly. If one part of the cable breaks, the other side needs to work harder, which will also fail sooner or later.

The garage door cables can be found at the bottom of the door, while the cable drum’s location is at the end of the torsion spring shaft. Once the torsion springs begin working, it turns the cable drums, and the cables will wrap and unwrap around the drum whenever the garage door opens and closes.

Cables help the spring whenever the door opens and closes. As we mentioned, when one of the cables breaks, the door will have difficulty operating since it will pressure the other parts, such as the tracks, different cables, and the garage door rollers.

As we all know, garage doors have heavy materials. Contact a professional immediately to avoid more complicated problems when you notice that one of your cables snaps.


Why Garage Door Cable in Edmonton Breaks?

There are a lot of causes why a cable breaks. Since they play a vital role in the daily function of your garage door, age, wear, and tear is the most common culprits for a cable to break or snap. It is essential to check your line now and then to know if there are obvious signs of deterioration.

Meanwhile, moisture and water coming from the bottom of the door can also contribute to the breakage of the cable. Another possible reason is when your door rubs against the track or another part of the door.

If you want to ensure that your garage door cable in Edmonton is in good condition, call AAA Garage Door Services Edmonton.


How To DIY Garage Door Cable Replacement

Homeowners can replace or fix a garage door cable in Edmonton, especially if they know how to do it.

Tools Needed

Before you begin the process, ensure that you have this equipment for a smooth procedure. These are the tools recommended to have:

  • Clamps
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Cordless Drill
  • Leather Gloves
  • Rags
  • Locking Pliers
  • Winding Bars
  • Socket/Ratchet Set
  • Safety Glasses
  • Double-Life Torsion Springs
  • Wrench Set
  • Winding Bars
  • Lift Cables
  • Bottom Brackets


Step-by-step Process

After gathering all the items you need, here is the step-by-step process to begin your repair:

Step 1: Release the emergency cord, manually open the garage door, and securely lock it. To ensure it stays in its position, put a vise grip under the last door wheel in the track.

Step 2: Unwind a torsion spring to release them. You will need a screw to loosen them up. After that, secure the winding bars on both springs for safety.

Step 3: Detach the drum screws to loosen the drum and remove the cable.

Step 4: Remove the cable from the bottom bracket by using a socket wrench.

Step 5: After doing the first four steps, you can start with your cable installation. Secure the cable to the bottom lift bracket and twist the cord over the drum. Do it counterclockwise as well to ensure that it is tight. After that, you can secure it with the correct screws.

Step 6: Once you have replaced one cable, you can do the same procedure on the second cable to replace the wires simultaneously and guarantee their durability.

Step 7: By using the winding bars, add tension to the garage door springs.

Step 8: Reconnect the door with the garage door drive chain by knocking it down on the emergency release once the installation is complete.


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